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Half Mag / Half Zine

Russian luxury accessory brand Caviar is known for taking consumer electronic items—mostly phones—and adding expensive materials before selling them for four- or five-figure sums. Its latest line is the Visionaries collection, which includes a bust of Elon Musk along with an iPhone 13 that are both made from a melted-down Tesla.

Caviar’s Visionaries collection pays tribute to tech luminaries Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and Alibaba Group co-founder/former executive chairman Jack Ma. In the case of the SpaceX billionaire, the company has created 27 Musk busts.

The busts aren’t instantly recognizable as the billionaire. Still, they do come with a nice black marble base with a double gold-plated plaque bearing Musk’s name, thereby stopping people asking, “who’s that supposed to be?”

The main part of the bust is made from the melted metal sections of a Tesla Model 3, including the hood, doors, and panels, which means you’ll be paying $3,220 for the privilege of having the crypto lover, and occasional hater, smirking at you all day.

For those who can’t get enough of Musk-related products, Caviar is also selling the Tesla Electro, an iPhone 13 Pro that also includes melted-down Tesla parts. Buyers get to admire a portrait of Musk on the back along with the Tesla logo and cars. The Tesla Electro is limited to 99 pieces and sells for $6,760, or just over the price of two Elon Musk busts.

The Steve Jobs and Jack Ma busts cost $1,680 and $1,990, respectively, but they aren’t made from melted Teslas. The Jobs’ iPhone 13 Pro features gold and titanium that pushes its cost to $6,980, while the Jack Ma handset is priced at a monstrous $17,380 because of the 400 sparkling diamonds embedded in its body.

Earlier this year, Caviar revealed a PlayStation 5 encased in 18-karat gold that cost $350,000, just slightly more than what scalpers charge for one of the standard consoles on eBay.