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Inside the Dallas Goedert deal

The Eagles, weeks after trading tight end Zach Ertz, signed tight end Dallas Goedert to a new contract. Here’s a look at the details of Goedert’s new deal. Signing bonus:

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Physical activity may improve Alzheimer’s disease outcomes by lowering brain inflammation

No one will disagree that an active lifestyle is good for you, but it remains unclear how physical activity improves brain health, particularly in Alzheimer’s disease. The benefits may come

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OnePlus 10 Pro May First Launch in China Before Hitting Global Markets

OnePlus 10 Pro has been a part of the rumour mill for the last few weeks, and now a new leak suggests that the smartphone will debut in China in

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Maryland woman collects third $50,000 lottery prize in three years

A Maryland woman made her third visit to state lottery headquarters when a scratch-off ticket led to her third $50,000 prize in three years. The 61-year-old Chevy Chase woman told

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