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A Maryland woman made her third visit to state lottery headquarters when a scratch-off ticket led to her third $50,000 prize in three years.

The 61-year-old Chevy Chase woman told Maryland Lottery officials she stopped into Talbert’s Ice & Beverage Service in Bethesda and bought a pair of $5 Lucky scratch-off tickets.

The woman said she prefers not to scratch off the tickets, instead uncovering only the barcodes to scan with ticket checkers.

The player said she was shocked when the second ticket showed a $50,000 jackpot.

The woman said the win was made all the more difficult to believe by the fact that she had won two $50,000 prizes from lottery tickets in 2018.

“I just didn’t believe it, again,” the winner said. “When I saw that message, ‘See Lottery,’ I just left immediately and scratched off the rest of the ticket in the car.”

The woman said all three of her $50,000 tickets were bought from the same store.

“People play every day and not win,” she said. “It’s amazing that I won three times.”

The winner said her latest jackpot will go toward making home improvements.